CPA Mutual CPA Mutual has over 30 years of dedication to CPAs. Is your firm insured by a specialty company like CPA Mutual that insures only CPAs and understands your practices and professional liability insurance needs?

At CPA Mutual, we don't insure clients, we insure members. We believe that reliability is key to maintaining our client base and growing it. CPA Mutual has worked hard to build lasting relationships and, as a result, we have maintained above-average retention rates and outstanding member loyalty.

The Professional Liability Insurance Program is sponsored by CPA Mutual, the first nationwide accountants' professional liability company owned and directed by member insured accountants. They insure only accountants. CPA Mutual is committed to its member insured firms.

CPA Mutual's Benefits:
  • Direct contact with CPA Mutual representatives provides you with faster response and better service.

  • Your first policy can be effective with CPA Mutual within a matter of days upon approval of your application and payment of a 20% premium deposit. Premiums may be paid in eight installments, including a 6% finance charge after the initial payment of 20%, plus any applicable state premium taxes.

  • CPA Mutual is committed to the mediation process and will pay 100% of the insured's costs to mediate. If a claim is resolved through formal mediation or arbitration, CPA Mutual will reimburse up to one-half the insured's deductible, to a maximum of $25,000.

  • CPA Mutual's affiliated claims company handles only CPA Mutual claims. This means improved, more focused claims administration and allows you to participate in all phases of the claims process.
CPA Mutual is strongly capitalized. More than $1 of equity is available for every $1 of net premium.

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