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  APS Pension and Financial Services, Inc.  
Plan Smart, Retire Rich If you or clients are making too much money and want to minimize their tax exposure, we can customize a plan that keeps the profit in the pockets of the owners – all situations welcome. 30 years experience in custom-designed plans for the wealthiest entrepreneurs of America.

APS Pension and Financial Services, Inc. (APS) is recognized as a leading financial group specializing in pension plan design and administration, life and health insurance benefits, estate planning, and portfolio management. APS will be pleased to prepare a pension plan proposal for your business.

We will analyze your company's census data and, taking into account your funding objectives and benefit goals, we will prepare either a defined contribution proposal (e.g., profit sharing with or without a 401(k) feature) or a defined benefit proposal.

We will present and discuss with you the results of our proposals. All data submitted to APS will be treated with utmost confidentiality. We will not share your data, address, email, etc. with anyone.

To submit your request for a free defined benefit pension plan proposal from Steve Abramson, co-author of the book "Plan Smart, Retire Rich", please use the form on the right.
Pension Plan Proposal Request
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