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CPAs are Already Business Solution Providers - Make the Most of Your Credentials
Today, the opportunity for you to make money is enormous. CPAs are the most trusted advisors. By positioning yourself as "Business Solution Providers", your clients will rely on you in a multidimensional way.

As a member of our CPAdirectory community, you will be able to make even more money, and have time left over to go home and enjoy your family and friends. Think of this web site as the "Health Club and Personal Trainer" for you practice. We want to educate you and get you in shape to make more money efficiently.

Do you realize that the information, tools and research capabilities you now have access to on this site, not more than a few years ago were only available to the largest of firms? The Internet levels the playing field. The smallest of firms now have the research tools and resources that the largest of CPA firms have. But this also means the profession is going to be more competitive. You must specialize, learn new skills and aggressively market your services.

The CPA's role has expanded as a direct result of two factors:
1. Changes in Technology - the rapid changes which give you access to previously unavailable information and the tools which make you more efficient.
2. Changes in the Code of Ethics - non-traditional services which you were previously barred from participating in are now available to you.

By investing a little time and learning about the opportunities provided on our portal, you will be surprised to find how easy it is to increase your revenue flow from your existing clients.

The following non-traditional revenue opportunities are available on CPAdirectory's member area MyCPAportal:
Pension Administration Services
Commercial and Residential Financing
Business Plan Consulting
Fee-Based Financial Planning
Investment Advisory Services
Insurance Sales
Financial Aggregation Services
Merchant Banking-Credit Card Processing
Software Consulting
Computer and Office Peripherals
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