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Using CPAs to distribute life and investment products

As more and more insurance companies look to increase their "point of access" to the consumer, many companies and independent broker-dealers are looking at using Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to distribute their financial products.

Why CPAs?

CPAs have always been one of the four legs of the financial planning process (client, attorney, accountant, and insurance agent). Many surveys find that CPAs are the most trusted advisors. CPAs also have complete financial information on their clients. With the economy doing so well over the past decade, many clients are seeking financial planning advice from their accountant. Accountants have gone from simply being number crunchers to consulting with their clients on business and tax issues. Now, the natural progression is to begin advising people on personal financial issues. Their frequent contact (four to five times per year) with their clients is also seen as a major plus for them. Many CPAs are looking at other ways to bring in revenue because they are being squeezed financially with the new and simple-to-use software products readily available. [Read More]

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